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Mihir Bholey

印度国家设计学院(NID)跨学科设计研究教授,位于印度甘地讷格尔的PG校区科学与文理学院的统筹专员。作为社会科学博士与文学硕士,Mihir Bholey博士专注于人文与社会科学领域的跨学科教学。跨文化设计、公共政策与设计是他的研究兴趣范围。广泛地在国际及印度国内刊物、书籍、研究期刊上发表文章,并出版三本著作。曾多次受邀在印度、东南亚及欧洲教学、演讲。热爱诗歌,用英语及印地语进行诗歌创作。

Dr. Mihir Bholey is Associate Senior Faculty of Interdisciplinary Design Studies and Coordinator of PG Science and Liberal Arts at National Institute of Design, PG Campus, Gandhinagar, India. He holds his PhD in Social Science and Master’s in Humanities (English Literature). Dr. Bholey teaches subjects covering the interdisciplinary area of Humanities and Social Sciences. Cross-cultural case studies of design and Public Policy and Design are his areas of research interest. He’s a prolific writer and has extensively written and published in various national and international publications, books and research journals, he has also three books to his credit. He is invited to teach and deliver lecture and seminars at premier foreign and Indian institutions in South-east Asia and Europe. He loves poetry and writes poems in English and Hindi.

Prathana Borah

尼赫鲁发展基金会下属CEE环境教育中心资深项目协调。在过去16年中,Prarthana Borah始终致力于环境可持续发展的教育与传播工作。最近5年来,她专注于整合文化遗产作为可持续发展与教育的资源,并尝试将艺术与环境教育连接起来。她是CEE与印度文化部合作的一项国家级项目的协调人,通过在全国年轻人中做调研来探索“非物质文化遗产”在印度语境中的概念。同时也是“Parampara”项目的负责人,以纪录片和出版的方式使非物质文化遗产得以保存与延续(。

Prarthana Borah is Senior Programme Coordinator of Culture and Sustainability Programme in Centre for Environment Education, New Delhi, India. She has been involved in Education and Communication for the Environment and Sustainable Development for the last 16 years. In the past five years she has been focusing on integration Cultural Heritage as a resource for Education for Sustainable Development. She is also trying to link Arts in Environmental Education. She was responsible for coordinating a national project for the Indian Ministry of Culture by CEE which involved exploring the concept of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in the Indian context by conducting a survey among youth of the country. She has also been project leader in the Parampara Project, a Project for documenting efforts towards conserving ICH. The latter has resulted in development of a website, a report on the status and a catalogue with over 150 entries of efforts to conserve ICH in India. The project also attempts to link ICH with Sustainability.

Rajeev Lochan

新德里国家现代艺术画廊馆长。作为一位艺术实践者,Lochan教授毕业于印度巴罗达Maharaja Sayajirao大学美术学院创意绘画专业。自1980年代起陆续成为印度国家美术院学者、印度教育与文化部国家级专家。1985-1987年间荣获日本政府文部省颁发的研究奖金,此后又于1994年荣获日本政府研究奖金,于1997年荣获印度人力资源发展部高级研究奖金。自2001年起,Rajeev Locha教授担任印度国家现代艺术画廊馆长至今。

Prof. Rajeev Lochan, Director, National Gallery of Modern Art, has been at the helm of affairs since 2001. A practicing artist, Prof. Lochan graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S University of Baroda with a specialization in Creative Painting. He remained a U.P. Lalit Kala Akademi Cultural Scholar (1987) and was a National Scholar(1980) of the Union Ministry of Education and Culture. He was a recipient of the Japanese Government, Monbusho, Research Scholarship (1985-87). Subsequently he also received the Japanese Government Research Fellowship in 1994 and Senior Fellowship, Ministry of H.R.D., Dept. of Culture, Govt. of India (1997).

Bivash Mukherjee

具有20年报纸采编经验的资深记者,荣获2014年上海市“白玉兰纪念奖”。1999年来到中国,在上海工作、生活15年,目前担任英语报纸《上海日报》夜班发稿编辑部外国专家。在详尽了解印度诗人泰戈尔与上海的深厚渊源,并探访了泰戈尔在上海的故居现状之后,Bivash Mukherjee不仅在《上海日报》发表了两个专版的独家特稿,还参与制作了关于泰戈尔在上世纪20年代访问中国的一部纪录短片《东方之旅》。影片在上海作协、北京印度大使馆以及孟买的ORF基金会、新德里播放。随后登陆美国、新加坡以及香港艺术中心。影片还作为上海外语频道的一档特别节目《寻找泰戈尔》播出,受到了广泛好评。在卢湾区(现黄浦区)的支持下,印度驻上海总领事馆在茂名路南昌路口为泰戈尔树立了一座雕像。

A journalist with over 20 years of experience in newspaper reporting, editing and production. Headed newsroom desk for over 15 years in Thailand, Russia and China. Currently in Shanghai with an English-language daily, Shanghai Daily, as one of the senior night desk editors. Have been with the paper since its launch in 1999, and was recently awarded the Magnolia Silver Award by the Shanghai leadership. During his stay in Shanghai, he discovered a bit of India in the hidden pockets of the city. A chance discovery of a plaque in a quiet lane in Siming Village opposite the majestic Shanghai Exhibition Center helped him uncover the historic travels of Indian poet Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. It eventually led to the making of a short documentary film on the Indian poet's trips to China in the 1920s and his lifelong friendship with Chinese poet Xu Zhimo. The film Gurudev: A Journey To The East was screened at the Indian Embassy in Beijing, the Indian Consulate in Shanghai and the Shanghai Writers’ Association. It was also screened in India (at the ORF Foundation in Mumbai), New Delhi and internationally in the US, Singapore and in Hong Kong at the prestigious Hong Kong Arts Center.

Kirti Trivedi


Former Professor at the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, Kirti Trivedi was born in India in 1948. After a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he did postgraduate studies in Industrial Design at IIT Bombay, and the Royal College of Art, London. He initiated and founded India’s first Master of Design Programme in Visual Communication in 1981. The same year, he worked as a UNESCO Fellow in Japan, under the guidance of Prof. Sugiura Kohei, and was introduced by him to the intellectual depth and the richness of Asian design. He has been engaged in research and documentation of the classical design traditions of India and Asia since 1984, with several publications on Indian design traditions. Besides teaching and researching design, he is active as a design consultant in the areas of graphic design, book design, exhibition and museum design, environmental graphics, signage and product design. His current research is in developing appropriate interaction design solutions for Indian needs based on emerging technology possibilities; and in understanding Asian design. He is the founder director of ADARG – Asian Design and Art Research Group – which has an objective of documenting and publishing the insights of Asian tradition in areas related to art and design.